The Applications Technology Satellite Ground Station at Cooby Creek was built near the southern shore of the Cooby Creek Reservoir, about 22km north of Toowoomba, in Queensland’s Darling Downs


early site Cooby

Cooby Creek was a ‘Transportable Ground Station’ employing approximately 100 technical staff, and was only ever intended to be used in Australia for a limited time. Its purpose was to support the pioneering work of satellite communication and weather forecasting, using the ATS series of satellites.

The staff were contracted to:

AWA - Amalgamated Wireless Australia

Australian Government Department of Supply

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Before the station was closed and moved out of Australia in 1970, Cooby Creek had allowed Australians to see live satellite television for the very first time

The Toowoomba site was chosen because of its radio-quiet area, rather than interference with other tracking stations located in ACT.